20% Cash Back

To all collagen and Instagram lovers:

We are offering 20% cash back when you purchase our marine collagen and post a photo of yourself with our product on Instagram and review our product. The following terms apply:

1) You must post of a photo of yourself holding our product with the front label facing the camera. Please make sure the photo shows a positive image :)

2) In your caption, mention the benefits of our marine collagen as shown on the product label. You may also describe how you feel about our product. Please tag our Instagram account and mention @luvolife.com.au as well and use hashtag #luvolifemarinecollagen

3) Once you've posted on your Instagram, take a screenshot of your post and email to info@luvolife.com.au with your Instagram username and your full name which you used to make your purchase.

4) Review our product on Google: https://bit.ly/2PYLurS  (If you could attach a photo that would be great). Review on Facebook: www.facebook.com/luvolife    Review on our website www.luvolife.com.au and click "Review" on the product page. Feel free to use the same review on the 3 platforms. 

5) This offer is not be used in conjunction with any other promotional offers. 

6) Once you've completed the above and we've verified your post on Instagram, we'll refund 20% of your original purchase amount back to the payment method you used to make your purchase.