Why Choose LuvoLife Whey Protein?

Why choose LuvoLife Whey Protein?

Many brands on the market contain ingredients such as artificial sweeteners, sugars, gums, thickeners, preservatives and various fillers to bulk up the product in order to reduce the protein content. 

At LuvoLife, we do not add any bulking agents or any of the above mentioned ingredients. We sweeten our powders with only organic Stevia - a natural herb that is 300 times sweeter than sugar, contains no calorie and doesn't spike blood sugar.

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The Benefits of Whey Protein

Proteins are found in all parts of the body and are essential in building muscles, strengthening the immune system and helping in sustaining a healthy lifestyle. Many protein brands use artificial ingredients such as sucralose, gums, thickeners etc in their products. Whilst these are effective protein shakes, LuvoLife has taken the next step in protein development and produced a 100% natural protein product that provides all the benefits of quality whey protein with no artificial ingredients that may be harmful to your body. Here are some scientific facts that support the intake of LuvoLife protein into your healthy diet: 

  • Increase in muscle mass and lean tissue 

The intake of protein increases muscle development by constantly replenishing the supply of required resources after a workout. This has been scientifically proven to be more effective in younger vs older persons due to reduced protein synthesis at higher ages.  

  • Reduces fat and hunger

Protein makes you feel full faster and as such, fewer calories are consumed. This effectively reduces the amount of fat in the body which can result in weight loss or a lean muscle and body figure. Taking LuvoLife protein at meals (approximately 10 grams) can reduce belly fat while maintaining lean muscle mass. 

  • Gain strengths

Greater muscle mass and muscle growth produced by consuming protein naturally results in greater strength benefits. 

  • Stronger bones

The amino acids found in LuvoLife protein is used to build and support bone structure effectively increasing bone density.

  • Greater energy and bodily function

LuvoLife protein is essential in improving the functions of the body by improving brain cognition, increasing energy levels and has even been found to lower blood pressure. During the day you may feel highly energised and more awake while at night you feel more relaxed and restful. 

  • Greater recovery times

LuvoLife protein benefits tendons the same way it benefits muscle development. Greater protein synthesis repairs and stregnthens connective tissue at a faster rate resulting in reduced recovery periods after workouts. In addition, consumption of LuvoLife protein when not undertaking regular workouts will reduce the rate of muscle atrophy and help maintain strength and muscle for longer periods. 

  • Greater quality of life

By adding LuvoLife protein to your diet, you can improve bodily function, strength, figure, muscle development, immune system and energy levels. All of these factors contribute to your quality of life. Incorporating a protein rich and low carbohydrate intake can improve blood sugar tolerance, insulin health, reduce diabetes as well as heart disease risk. 


All protein should be taken together with a healthy diet in order to maximise outcomes and should not be taken as a food substitute. 

Eat a healthy amount of plants and vegetables to counter the acid and oxidative stress associated with high amounts of protein.

Aim for 2g/kg/day of protein if you're looking to build muscle. 

Aim for 1.6g/kg/day of protein if you're looking to reduce body fat while preserving lean muscle mass.